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Blizzard of 2015: Images

Winter has arrived in most of the United States, but especially in the northeastern region of the country where winter storm Juno is causing major metropolitan cities like New York to come to grinding halt.  From Philadelphia to the northern tip of Maine, Juno has brought enormous amounts of snow, high tides and strong winds.  Many individuals throughout the region are simply riding the storm out.

Airlines have cancelled more than 7,000 flights on Monday and Tuesday.  Amtrak modified their services throughout the region and in and about New York City, the MTA has come to a near stop.  However, in the midst of the weather comes the opportunity to capture images that are normally near impossible to grab.  Penn Station completely empty.  Grand Central Terminal completely empty.

A MTA staff photographer, Patrick Cashin, was out and about capturing some of these almost eerie scenes.  Take a look.

Blizzard of 2015: Canceled Subway Service
Blizzard of 2015: Empty Penn Station
Blizzard of 2015: Empty Grand Central Terminal
Blizzard of 2015: Empty Grand Central Terminal
Blizzard of 2015: Empty Grand Central Terminal

Check out the entire collection of images on Flickr.


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