Now Arriving, Amtrak’s Rolling Museum

The Amtrak Exhibit Train and specially painted Amtrak locomotive celebrating one of Amtrak's paint schemes over the company's 43 year history.
The Amtrak Exhibit Train and specially painted Amtrak locomotive celebrating one of Amtrak’s paint schemes over the company’s 43 year history.

There’s something spectacular about visiting a museum and seeing the exhibit that is on display.  Viewing specially selected pieces on display to complete an entire viewing.  In 2011, Amtrak took to the rails with their 40th Anniversary Train which showcased four decades of Amtrak history.  This extremely popular moving exhibit returned to the rails as the Amtrak Exhibit Train after the 40th anniversary celebration ended.

[quote align=’left’]Amtrak is showcasing its past, present and future in a traveling Exhibit Train that will make various stops to communities around the country.[/quote]

For the third consecutive year, Amtrak is showcasing its past, present and future in a traveling Exhibit Train that will make various stops to communities around the country. The Exhibit Train allows visitors to take a self-guided tour to catch a glimpse of more than four decades of history of America’s Railroad® providing mobility and connectivity to the nation.

Since the train’s inception in 2011, new displays have been added such as workable signals, interactive virtual sleeping accommodation tours and trivia with returning favorite displays including the locomotive stand and horns. In addition, it features photos, uniforms, vintage advertising and memorabilia from Amtrak’s beginning in 1971 to today’s modern-sleeping cars and high-speed rail service. Exclusive Amtrak merchandise will also be available for purchase. The Exhibit Train includes two locomotives, three renovated baggage cars and one bistro car, all with historic paint schemes.

During 2014, the Amtrak Exhibit Train will be making more than 15 scheduled stops throughout the country.  Below is the Amtrak Exhibit Train schedule for the coming year.




April 12-13

Amtrak Station, Topeka, KS

Topeka, KS

April 26-27

Amtrak Station, Lincoln, NE

Lincoln, NE

May 3

Los Angeles Union Station, 75th Anniversary Celebration

Los Angeles, CA

May 9-10

National Train Day/Station Dedication, Amtrak Station

Longview, TX

May 17-18

Cheyenne Depot Museum

Cheyenne, WY

May 30-June 1

North Carolina

Transportation Museum

Spencer, NC

June 12-14

National Railroad Historical Society Meeting

Springdale, AR

July 19-20

Delaware State Fair

Harrington, DE

August 1-3

Rockland Lobster Fest

Rockland, ME

August 23-24

Essex Steam Train and Riverboat

Essex, CT

September 13

Glory Days, Amtrak Station, White River Junction

White River Junction, VT

September 27-28

Western Maryland Scenic Railroad

Cumberland, MD

October 4

100th Anniversary, Memphis Central Station

Memphis, TN

October 18-19.

Virginia Transportation Museum

Roanoke, VA

November 1-2

Kansas City Union Station

Kansas City, MO

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