JetBlue Reveals New ‘Points Pooling’ Program

JetBlue recently revealed an enhanced TrueBlue experience, available at, as part of its ongoing digital transformation. The refreshed digital experience adds “Points Pooling”—a more flexible and user-friendly way for TrueBlue members to pool points, together. JetBlue remains the only major U.S. carrier to offer a free points pooling option for all loyalty members.

“Points Pooling” allows designated groups to conveniently earn and redeem points together, even more quickly. This update was based on customer feedback and adds even more flexibility. JetBlue still lets its customers determine their own “pool” based on who and what is most beneficial to them. Everyone counts, whether it’s family members, friends, or even roommates and neighbors.

“We broke ground with our original family pooling option and we’re continuing to innovate with the new, more flexible version,” said Marty St George, executive vice president commercial and planning, JetBlue. “Customers determine the pool that works best for them, helping points rack up even faster with a program that’s even easier to manage.”

Program benefits include:

  • Your “pool” can be made up of two to seven members of all ages*, family or not!
  • Instead of contributing a set percentage of points, members contribute 100 percent of their points to the “pool.”
  • Members can redeem or leave the “pool” with their unused points, whenever they choose.
  • The “Head of Household” is now the “Pool Leader.” The “Pool Leader” must be at least 21 years of age.
  • The “Pool Leader” can designate other “Pool” members to redeem points and book reward travel.

*For TrueBlue members under the age of thirteen (13), the parent or legal guardian of the child must enroll the child in “Points Pooling” and complete all “Points Pooling” activity. TrueBlue Terms and Conditions apply.

Additional information about TrueBlue and how to register for the program can be found at

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