All Aboard! Amtrak’s Acela Nonstop Starts Today

Traveling throughout the Northeast between Washington, DC, New York City, and Boston comes with its fair share of challenges, no matter what mode of transport.

Highways are crowded, air travel can be cumbersome and hit or miss with the delays, and train travel isn’t always the fastest option either. However, many times though, train travel does travel to the city centers alleviating the need for timely treks to and from the airport or dealing with crowded streets and parking.

The next-generation Acela trains are currently being built. Amtrak recently released photos of the interiors. Read more…

For nearly 20 years, Amtrak has offered two types of services along the Northeast Corridor, a more local service Northeast Regional and the higher speed Acela Express. In many cases, Acela Express has been the chosen option for business travelers because of the accommodations and service frequencies.

In response to customer feedback, today, Amtrak is introducing Acela Nonstop between New York City and Washington, DC. It is the Acela service that travelers have come to know with a few more added amenities, including nonstop service along the route.

Here are the details of the new Acela Nonstop:

  • Two trips per day. Southbound in the morning, and northbound in the afternoon.
  • Train 2401 – Departs New York City (NYP) at 6:35 a.m., arrives Washington (WAS) at 9:10 a.m.
  • Train 2402 – Departs WAS at 4:30 p.m., and arrives in NYP at 7:05 p.m.
  • Travel time is approximately 2 hours and 35 minutes, the fastest schedule on the route.

Unique amenities exclusive to Acela Nonstop include complimentary coffee, tea water, and a light snack, “at seat” cashless cart service offering a limited menu of snacks and beverages and onboard phone charging kits for sale.

Passengers will continue to enjoy the various features available on current Acela service, including the full menu in the Café Car, as well as access to the Quiet Car.

Amtrak Recently Completed the Interiors of all Acela Trains. Read more…

“Train travel offers a number of advantages over other modes of transportation, and with the new amenities offered on Acela Nonstop, we are raising the bar even higher to enhance the journey,” said Vice President of Amtrak Northeast Corridor Service Line Caroline Decker. “On the Northeast Corridor, Acela’s savvy, sophisticated customers expect a premium experience when they board our trains, and that’s what they will be getting with these new amenities and with nonstop service.”

While the Acela Nonstop is currently only available once per day only on weekdays between NYP and WAS, Amtrak will be weighing potential expansion in terms of location and frequency. In its 2018 Fiscal Year, NYP and WAS were Amtrak’s top two busiest stations across the national network.

Visit for complete details on Acela.

Image: Amtrak

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