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So Long AirTran Airways


Today marks the last day of AirTrans Airways, now part of Southwest Airlines.  AirTran started 21 years ago as ValuJet and after some rough patches, rebranded themselves as AirTran.  Based in Atlanta, AirTran, along with Delta Air Lines were common household names.  AirTran offered a variety of routes throughout the United States, but especially in the South.

While many of the employees, aircrafts and routes will live on, the AirTran name will fade into history with their last flight, flight number 1 between Atlanta and Tampa retracing the first route ValuJet flew.


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Michael Beener
Michael Beener
Michael is the Editor-in-Chief of Go Jetting and Explorer Magazine. An avid traveler, Michael is out of the office more than in the office. Along with travel, he enjoys cycling, photography and the general outdoors.

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